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Fishing Klinics for Kids (FKFK) is a nonprofit 501 C (3) tax exempt incorporated organization that seeks to provide children with an opportunity for outdoor education. The following goals guide our work: To help children develop an understanding of the joys of fishing, to introduce them to fishing basic skills, and to learn about the need to preserve our natural resources and waterways.

FKFK has grown from a fishing seminar in 1995 that attracted twelve kids and their parents to an event that is now the largest on lake fishing seminar for children in the state of Minnesota. A fishing clinic held at Sturges Park on Buffalo Lake that has attracted over 15,000 children or, 37,000+ combined with adults since 1998. Over 1,200 children attended the event in 2011 and our goal in 2012 is to have over 1,400 children attend with over 40 booths providing an opportunity for outdoor education. This event is FREE to all children.

The grounds at Sturges Park in Buffalo provide ample room for informational booths, fishing and wildlife seminars, a fishing contest, boat and pontoon rides, and parking spaces for families to view fire trucks, police cars, and emergency vehicles. A fishing contest held on a pier attracts a large number of children. Children are provided with a fishing pole, bait and have an opportunity to compete for prizes in their age category. In many cases the fishing contest provides children with their first fishing experience. Each child who registers for the event is given a variety of fishing tackle with over 600 rod and reel combos given away once. In 2011 FKFK gave away over 1,100 backpacks plus tackle.

FKFK has also expanded into ice fishing, community education programs, mentored law enforcement agencies, helped sponsor businesses, attended sports shows, the Minnesota State Fair, Cabela's Kid Fest, provide seminars and the National Pheasant Fest in St. Paul Minnesota to name a few.

The FKFK Board of Directors and Executive Planning Committee meet throughout the year to plan these events. We hope to set new attendance records while expanding opportunities for children to fish. FKFK is also developing a volunteer group for monthly events. We also have our own books for kids to read and become more educated about fishing.

At Sturges Park event, over 150 volunteers from throughout the state offer their services. Effective working relationships have been formed with sponsors who make donations, have a booth, provide supplies and equipment or provide volunteer hours. A few national awards have been bestowed upon us, including the Rotary Foundation of International Rotary Paul Harris Fellow award, National Recreation Park Association award, and High Praise from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

We hope you will give strong consideration to supporting FKFK