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  Executive Board Members

Mark Olson – Olson Chiropractic D. C.
Don Helmbrecht – REALTOR/ Ins. Agent
Mike Tengwell – Ranger Pro Staff
Eric Guddal – Ranger Pro Staff
Chris Husom -Buffalo Rotary
Executive Planning Committee

Jim Wedell - (Founder)                       
Greg Welch                                                                      
Judy Wedell                                        
Greg Larcom                                      
Jerry Stech                                        
Susie Olson
Nancy Statt
Matt Wedell
Latisha Wedell
Dave Larcom
Kevin Munsterteiger
Marj Hart

Honorary Members
Roland Sigurdson - DNR MinnAqua Program
Greg Emerick – VP of Verma Green Organics

Appreciation to Past Members
Jeff Thompson, Kathy Eastlack , Ione Olson, Curt Marple,
Pat Michalicek
Clay & Debbie O’Flanagan